The TRUTH About Petite Sizing: 4’11” to 5’7” You Could Still Be Petite

Many women believe that being petite means being a size 0. Many believe that petite just means being 5’3” or shorter. The truth is, petite is really a proportion and not just a size. It’s a fact that a woman who is 5’7” could possibly need to wear petite tops or bottoms if she has a shorter torso or leg length. So if you are taller than the “standard” petite height, don’t exclude yourself from these garments if your shirts and/or shirt sleeves are too long, the length of your pants are too long, or if darts aren’t correctly laying on your body. The problem with most retailers that supply “petite” garments is in the actual design process itself. Rather than correcting the proportions for a petite figure, they simply shrink down a regular size into an xxxs. This doesn’t solve the problem of the torso being too long, the sleeves being too long, the darts being too long, the waist not hitting correctly, the issues go on and on.

Many brands offering petite sizes have their own size chart according to their fit, so pay attention to these charts when buying from various retailers without trying on the pieces first.

Here is our chart. So you can compare. :)




  • Reply October 10, 2016

    shawnasi spatola

    I liked this article because most stick to the 5’4″ and under rule. I’m 5’6″ and have almost always had to wear petite pants due to my shrimpy legs, or juniors. Regular pants drag on me and i’m not for that look. I’m also finding as I get older that I’m wearing petite shorts and skirts as well. With tops I can go either or, petite or regular. So thank you :)

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  • Reply January 18, 2011


    What a great guide! I’m 5’7 and I’m still able to find clothes in petite sizing. This article is really helpful for people who has trouble finding their correct size.

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