We all desire it. Whether it’s traveling the world, a beautiful car, or having the world’s most coveted closet. But in recent years with fashion, having a “luxurious” wardrobe consisted of owning everything under the sun, of quality of course. Now, it seems the finer things in life have shifted to the opposite spectrum.

With fast fashion and cheap knock-offs that can be replicated not only in weeks but in a matter of days, why wouldn’t society take advantage? After all, we live in a nation with severe A.D.D. and instant gratification. But I came across this article, entitled The New Luxury: The Curated Wardrobe, and all of a sudden I realized, subconsciously, I had been removing several pieces at a time from my own closet, because of poor fit, and the realization that it just didn’t represent who I was as an individual.

the new luxury for a curated petite tailored wardrobe

I now only own a limited selection of pieces in my closet to cleverly pair together to create a complete wardrobe. Yet dealing with the issue of very limited well designed petite garment options did not make throwing away several pieces an easy task. Let’s face it, it took about 10 years to find 10 good pieces I decided to keep.

But as I was unaware of this mentality shift in myself and how I was slowly curating my wardrobe, I found it fascinating to discover a shift in how individuals were now looking at themselves. Where garments used to be an article of clothing to keep us warm, was now being seen as a way to represent ourselves more than ever! This shift in the psychology of retail therapy is so extraordinary. It’s an entirely new focus, paying extreme attention to value, quality, and most importantly the story your wardrobe creates, about you and your life. But how can we as petites level up our style (and our story) without the options that women 5’7’’ and taller have? The more I research the competition as a designer creating petite tailored womenswear, the more I realize no one is out there truly representing us in the industry. But out of the very few companies, who claim to offer up-to-date trends in petite sizes offer nothing comparable to the beautiful couture that walks the Paris runways.  It’s time for a change, don’t you think?
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Nice tip these are my favourite resources for luxury fashion. I’ll track this for my list! Au Revoir

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