The Inspiration

Inspiration is all around us. Many times we’re overwhelmed by it, after watching a film, hearing a song, meeting someone incredible. And then sometimes, we’re lost in an abyss of nothing that we can’t seem to escape. Some of us just enjoy getting away from the real world, and some of us rely on maintaining that mode of ultimate inspiration to continuously create in our medium of choice.

How to be inspiredI’m asked quite often what inspires me and where my visions come from. Honestly, this is my favorite question to answer. And many times it honestly varies in the stage of life I’m in, and in the current design stages of the up coming collection. Firstly, inspiration can come from anywhere. We’ve all heard it many times, and we’re all individual thinkers, so expect it from the unexpected. But when you know what inspires you, don’t be afraid to have it around you all the time. If it’s an album, keep it on repeat. If it’s a quote, frame it on your wall where you can see it everyday, and maybe even as your wallpaper on your phone. Whatever you need to do to maintain that inspiration high, do it.

For me, it can be the latest summer blockbuster or an incredibly profound album. I’m addicted to action films and I will completely lose myself in it, and by the end, will have a slew of ideas for a collection inspired by the film. Most times I have too many ideas, because I can’t seem to stay away from $5 Mondays at the local theater. But you know, it’s always the biggest screen, and in Dobly so…I can’t say no. I’ll admit I have a few albums on repeat myself lately. Albums that can¬†throttle you into domination mode when you feel you don’t have a pulse. But enough about me. Go get inspired and live your life the way you always dreamed. Nothing is stopping you but yourself.


Photo Credit: Mario Calvo

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