The Art of Petite Tailoring: The Moto Jacket

The art of tailoring can be compared to the art of engineering. Petite tailoring takes into consideration precise mathematical drafting and careful planning of proportion and print ratio. It is not something to be taken lightly or created with minimal thought. Unlike most garments sold to the masses that are produced as shapeless looks that fit a wide range of sizes, having a properly tailored item that works with your body shape, will not only create a more put together silhouette, but make you look taller and slimmer.

petite leather jacket
Each of our garments at The 16th Bar begins it’s journey before it ever reaches production. Each look is strategically designed using the art of illusion to create a taller, slimmer silhouette for petite sizes. From concept to sample, they are fitted several times to reach the greatest fit, paying close attention to proportion, lines, draping, and prints.

The difference between purchasing a ready to wear garment and having it tailored to proper petite standards is nearly impossible compared to purchasing an item already catering to the petite figure. A properly fitted garment should consist of several alterations to the original pattern before continuing into production that exceed just a shortened hemline, including shortening the torso, the sleeve, narrowing the shoulders, and proper placement of darts. All of which cannot be altered correctly after production and will result in altering the original design immensely. But we take it a step further, focusing our attention on every detail of the garment, including proportionate stitch length, proportionate button size, and correct proportions of prints to seamlessly correspond to the petite figure.

Perfecting our details after pattern production is still only a portion of design. Without using the top quality textiles, our efforts would go wasted. With the highest quality standard fabrics and leathers, you feel luxury in every garment. We place all of these elements into the hands of an incredible production team located right here in Los Angeles. Bringing luxury manufacturing back to America and ensuring the highest quality pieces that will last you season after season.

With the leather moto jacket being the iconic status symbol of pure luxury and badassness, it only seemed to fit us to start there. It can transform any look and wardrobe and will undeniably be your most favorite item in your closet. Welcome the World’s First Luxury Petite Womenswear Brand.

petite leather jacket back the 16th bar

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