Storm Chasers

We all face the storm on the horizon. We all have something to live and die for. Some of us choose to face the storm to conquer it, while others hide from the rain. The world has been upside down for some time now and many of us still look forward knowing we are living the dream, hoping to inspire others to look up, and influence society around us. I’ve been wanting to share this record with you for some time now. This interlude says everything you need to know.

We met Jallal some time last year, and immediately felt this profound connection. I can’t even explain in words how crazy it is when you feel like you’ve known someone for 7 years. But this is what life is about. Life is a journey. Through the ups and downs, heartbreaks and happiness, it’s all a part of your story. An epic tale can’t move a nation without a struggle to conquer. It’s our battles that make our end so sweet.



I feel like everybody has a purpose
if you have no purpose in life
you can well be considered lower than an inanimate object
my purpose is family, friends, helping people
I mean everybody has a purpose
you may or may not have a family to tell you but
you have someone or something you’re 100% devoted to
they’ll probably guide you to it
you don’t choose family, they’re Gods gift to you
as you are to them
I always heard that people would kill for their family
people I choose to surround myself with are my family
they decided to switch their mindsets up
better their thinking
they’re my motivation
they become the reason I turn my dreams to reality
they recognize my ability to reach my own personal definition of success
and what it truly means to me
I feel that most people know that success is a possibility
but they just lose ambition down the line then go and get it
the only time you fail is when you fall down
and stay down
discontent and frustration that you feel is a tally on creation
it’s you who can come back 10 times stronger
it’s you who can come back 10 times weaker
you can live a life and hope that you set fire and inspiration to other peoples life
that’s the life I’m living
’cause I know we live in a world full of hate, greed, corruption
doesn’t always mean you gotta act like that with each other
no matter whether you believe in luck,
or chance,
the final decisions from you
be yourself
be different
aspire to reach your dreams
you know what I tell ’em
go get ’em


Check out the new album by Jallal on iTunes, and change your mindset.

with love,

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