How to be Influential

“You cannot inspire others if you cannot inspire yourself.” The question is, how do you remain inspired? In an age where status updates make up the majority of today’s interactions, it’s easy to get lost in the reposts, the trends, the everyday routine. So how do you remain inspired and influence others when the online world is saturated with a lot of nothing. It’s an endless circle of uninspiring nonsense.

how to be inflluentialTo filter through the unoriginal is not an easy task but when you know who you are and what drives you to only look forward, why would you ever waste your time on useless nothings. Many work so hard to be cool, trendy, and original. Only a few actually lead the pack with innovative visions and ideas that propel mankind forward. But how do you influence the world when you’re only one? It’s simple. Be you. The world is infested with copy cats and imitators. Even brands live off of imitating the champs. But what does that get you? Maybe a few dollars, but it won’t earn you respect. Or credibility.

If you want to truly be seen as a mastermind and set the trends then you actually have to create something new. Recreating something you’ve already seen does nothing for you.

If you’re not challenging yourself then you’re not doing shit for yourself.

And stating in big bold letters that you are original doesn’t convince anyone.

I’m sometimes asked why I don’t share more articles about the season’s latest trends. I know you know what they are. And I know you have a vision for great style. But why not give each piece a twist from your own soul and create a completely different look. What does your style say about you? Is it who you are and who you want to be? I constantly look to push the status quo, and I am not one to have ever settled for the 9-5 routine today’s slaves of society give their life up to.

Each of us is meant to do something amazing. But it is only what we allow ourselves to achieve.

So who do you want to be? Who were you destined to be? Who is this alter ego we all have inside? There’s nothing wrong with letting them out. It’s who you are. So just be you, and influence the world.

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