Don't like your size? Cut the Tag Off

Marilyn Monroe was an icon. She was seen as one of the most beautiful women of her era; the ideal figure of her time. She was also a size 12. With measurements of 36-23-36, she was a very beautiful yet unusually dramatic hourglass shape. With today’s vanity sizing, depending on location and brand, her sizes could translate into a size 8, a size 6, or even a size 4. So why are so many women destroying their confidence trying to fit into smaller and smaller sizes? There has been much debate about Marilyn’s true size, and whether she was “plus” size or not. She was also only 5’5. But the fact is, she wasn’t an icon of fashion, but an icon of sexiness, and this is what women need to embody today.

don't like your size, cut the tag offThere is this fixation on reaching a size 0 that many women just can’t let go of. What many women don’t know is that sizes are “stealthily” moving a half-inch at a time so they feel better about fitting into smaller sizes. But several surveys have shown that 2/3 of the population own pieces in a few different sizes because sizing among various brands are not consistent with each other. So again we ask, why is it so important to fit into one size, knowing that we have no control over how clothes are sized and cut by the manufacturer, yet this insignificant number on the hangtag can affect women in a positive and negative way.

What women need to understand is that there is no standard sizing among countries. Brands in the United States alone don’t even use the same sizing systems. It was reported that when “sizing inconsistencies and clothing don’t fit right, shoppers feel inadequate and negative towards their bodies instead of blaming the poor fitting clothes” (

What can we do about this mass misinterpretation?


Don’t let the psychology of this number affect who you are. If you don’t like looking at your size, just simply cut off the tag. Before you know it, you won’t even remember what size it was in the first place. I’ve said several times before that fit is the best guide, not the size. So keep this implemented in your head. When your clothes fit you properly, people notice YOU. They notice your vibrant personality and your beautiful face because your clothes are working with you, not against you. When your clothing fits you small (when you’re simply worried about what size you’re in) you’re only doing a disservice to your figure. Welcome wardrobe malfunctions, muffin tops, and accidental spillage (even if your lean and fit) turning your choice in clothing into a distraction rather than an enhancer.

When you’re making a first impression, wouldn’t you rather have the other person notice your great shape and great smile, instead of missing your beauty all together and only noticing your muffin top hanging out of your ultra low rise jeans that are several sizes too small? All I’m saying is don’t worry about others and what they “claim” their size is. Because let’s face it, they’re probably lying anyway. So focus on yourself, and what makes you beautiful and individual. After all, individuality is what makes us beautiful, perfect simply makes us boring.

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Well said. Thank you for sharing photos of lovely marilyn. I have a photo of her in my home and I will never tire of it.

I have four different sizes in my closet, and all of them fit. Shopping would be so much easier, if the manufacturers would get it together!

So many women buy a size smaller just because they dont want to admit that they’re a bigger size, when really, the bigger size will look SO MUCH BETTER on them because it acutally FITS them!!!

this is a great message! thanks for writing!

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