This week was the beginning of Fall 2020 and leather weather is just around the corner. And whether we’re talking about a new leather jacket to add to your collection or your favorite piece from adventures of seasons past, it keeps you warm and keeps you cool. Learning the right way to care for your leather jacket and giving it the little looking after it needs every once in a while, will not only allow it to last a lifetime but will ensure that over time, it will only become more beautiful with age, just like it’s wearer.


Leather will not look the same in 20 years as it does today, and that’s what makes leather so beautiful. Each wrinkle from where your elbow bends, to the softness the leather develops after breaking it in is what makes your leather jacket even more special. It molds to your frame and slowly becomes a second skin and a one of a kind piece of art that only you possess. This is why learning how to care for your leather jacket can give you peace of mind to ensure you give your unsung best friend the loving care it deserves to continue with you on your future thrills.


RAIN OR SHINE: Unless you’re a lover of a life on two wheels, the most extreme conditions you’ll be placing your jacket in will be a little rain. Leather does not become damaged from a little water exposure, but because of it’s permeable nature, if you allow the leather to remain wet for too long it can cause the leather to stiffen or rot. Small amounts of water like rain are perfectly fine and safe and only need a gentle wipe of a soft cloth to remove any excess water or possible future water stains. Afterward, allow the jacket to dry naturally in normal room temperature. Never leave out in the sun to dry or apply unnatural heat like a blowdryer. This will dry out and shrink the leather.

REMOVING STAINS OR SET-IN DIRT: For spots or stains use a damp soft cloth dampened with cold to lukewarm water, never hot, and pat, never rub, until the stain or spot completely lifts up. Allow to air dry in room temperature and never leave in the sun or use a blowdryer to accelerate the process as stated above. For stubborn stains, you may use a very small amount of mild, nonabrasive, non-perfumed soap to lift the stain and keep the leather supple and preventing cracks from drying out. Let air dry on a flat surface and finished. Be sure, if you will be needing to use a mild soap for stubborn stains to test a small area first in an inconspicuous spot before treating.

REMOVING DIRT OR DUST: You may also find yourself wearing your leather jacket on a particularly windy day or night. Before you begin, be sure there are no stains or set-in dirt as brushing before cleaning can cause permanent stains and spots. [See above for spot cleaning]. When you arrive home, once you’ve ensured your jacket is clear of stains or dirt, give your jacket a light dusting with a soft brush and your jacket is ready for its next outing. Be sure to choose a soft-bristled brush as to not scratch your leather and leave behind permanent marks you’ll regret. You can find soft-bristled brushes online that are designed specifically for cleaning leather and will have much softer bristles. Brush your leather jacket on a flat surface and brush from top to bottom. If you don’t have a soft brush you can also use a microfiber cloth as it is gentle enough and safe for leather.

Choosing the right leather jacket and looking for jackets made of high-quality skins and hides are the determining factor in making cleaning and maintaining a high-quality leather jacket that much simpler. Allowing you more time out for happy hour, and less time at home deciding if you need a professional cleaner or not. This is why I only use the highest quality leathers when designing and handcrafting each jacket and give each leather jacket the highest opportunity to age gracefully decade after decade.

… with love,

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