The Fabulous…Most Groovy… #MUSICMONDAY

Good morning! It’s the start of another beautiful summer week, and with it should come a dose of new groovy tunes to keep you running full throttle all week long. I postponed sharing this album as I prefer to curate the moods I’m creating with each playlist and look to find new music and artists to share with all of you. But this weeks playlist comes from a film I went to see that released into theaters just a couple weeks ago (a soundtrack, what a surprise…ha)…maybe you’ve heard of it…Baby Driver. With a cast that includes Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm, and Jamie Foxx, you’re guaranteed a fantastic time. And that’s an understatement. From the moment the film opens, you’re truly taken for a ride, visually and aurally, all the way into the closing credits. This is far from your conventional car chase film.

Curated by director Edgar Wright, his imagination redefined the dynamic chemistry between music and film, and how his seamless integration of music and sound can stunningly enhance an already exhilarating story. Not only with an exciting score to keep up with each thrilling car chase, but how the music itself integrated into the story, playing a crucial component in creating the relationships between each character. It finally occurred to me, if I have had this soundtrack on repeat, day and night, for 7 days straight (you read that correct, day and night) … then this soundtrack of funkadelic awesomeness deserves to be shared with anyone looking for a bit of soulful stimulation.


I’ve chosen just a few of my favorites from the soundtrack, which turned out much more difficult than anticipated as I wasn’t skipping any songs, as each track beautifully melted into the next.  I hope you enjoy this playlist just as much as I have.

…If you decide you need more, which I’m certain you will, check out the full soundtrack here.

And when you finish listening…if you haven’t seen the film already, I suggest you run to your nearest theater and enjoy. You may even run into me, since I’m seeing it again this week…

Happy Monday lovelies,

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