Posted by | September 25, 2020
discover how to care for your leather jacket

This week was the beginning of Fall 2020 and leather weather is just around the corner. And whether we're talking about a new leather jacket to add to your collection...

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40 point checklist to designing a better fitting leather jacket with designer Frankie Rodriguez
Posted by | September 17, 2020
40 point checklist to designing a better fitting leather jacket

With brands accommodating sizing for the 5'10 models of the industry, it is obvious why us women 5'4 and smaller have such an exhausting time finding garments that better fit...

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why luxury made in america matters
Posted by | August 13, 2020
Why Luxury Made in America matters

It's no surprise that many beautiful luxury items come from some of the most prestigious places from around the world, like Italy, France, and Germany. These countries have built a...

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Posted by | August 6, 2020
The World’s First Luxury Petite Brand

It wasn't too long ago that mass market brands began to capitalize on the underserved category of petite womenswear. Nearly every major brand now has a "petite section" in their...

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how to choose the right leather for your leather jacket
Posted by | July 30, 2020
How to choose the right leather for your jacket

Finding the perfect leather jacket that feels as though it was made uniquely for you begins with knowing which leather works best for your lifestyle. With several jacket designs and...

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how to be the most interesting person in the room
Posted by | July 23, 2020
How to be the most interesting woman in the room

1. interesting (adjective) to pique curiosity or interest; holding or catching the attention. 2. interested (adjective) aroused by curiosity by seeking new experiences, ideas, and perspectives, to create and change...

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Posted by | June 17, 2020

Living the life you want, starts with your mindset. Over the course of the last few weeks and months of being mostly required to stay home due to lockdown, I've...

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behind the scenes petite moto jacket
Posted by | July 31, 2014
Behind The Scenes: The Petite Leather Jacket

After unveiling the new film, I hope that I have taken you on a journey through the extensive and particular process of the intricacies of building a leather jacket tailormade...

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choose your path and live fearless
Posted by | July 30, 2013
All The World’s A Stage

There was nothing quite like the "choose your own adventure" books from years ago. You chose your path. You were fearless. You controlled your destiny. And nothing made you question...

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art of petite tailoring the moto jacket
Posted by | July 11, 2013
The Art of Petite Tailoring: The Moto Jacket

The art of tailoring can be compared to the art of engineering. Petite tailoring takes into consideration precise mathematical drafting and careful planning of proportion and print ratio. It is...

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