How To Arrange Flowers For Your Home

As spring blossoms into the air this week, it acts as a reminder of the good habits we set out for in the beginning of the year. So let’s not forget about bringing in new beauty into our lives everyday, as you spring clean your home and your lifestyle. And a fresh bouquet of spring flowers can always brighten a room, and any day.

Roses have always been the signature for romance and beauty. Which can make it easy for us to forget the other lovely flowers in bloom this time of year. So in honor of the first day of spring, choose a fresh bouquet of Lisianthus, or my personal favorite, peonies.

how to arrange flowers1) Before arranging your flowers of choice, be sure to cut the stems under lukewarm water (to prevent air bubbles from forming in the stem and preventing sufficient water flow) and cut at a 45 degree angle to allow more surface area to soak in water.

2) In a clean vase, add hot water (around 110 degrees) and stir in the accompanying flower preservative. The heat allows water molecules to move rapidly allowing water to flow quickly up the stems prolonging their life span.

3) When it comes time to arranging, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Have fun with it and experiment and play with various heights, shapes, and colors. When you want to keep it simple, I like to stick to the rule of thirds. Meaning the total height from the base of the vase to the tallest stem will be broken into thirds. This will allow your vase to be a total of 2/3 the height, with your flowers cut at 1 1/2 times the height of your vase, with a few stems slightly taller, and a few stems slightly shorter. This is what creates the look of a beautifully balanced bouquet, leaving ample room for each bud to fully bloom.

My trick to arranging flowers is stacking 2 stems at a time and placing them opposite of each other. The next 2 stems will fill in the two gaps between the first, so all 4 stems are now stacked and evenly spaced from each other. Continue building up filling in gaps 2 stems at a time with both facing opposite ends, placing the taller stems in the center, and the shorter stems on the outer edges, until you reach your desired look and your vase looks aesthetically balanced.

4) Be sure to place in a cool location for 1-2 hours, then keep away from sunlight and heat. Recut the stems and replace the water every third day to maximize its water flow and lifespan.

Place in a spot you’ll see them every day and enjoy. Happy first day of spring.

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