choose your path and live fearlessThere was nothing quite like the “choose your own adventure” books from years ago. You chose your path. You were fearless. You controlled your destiny. And nothing made you question it. Why is it that society trains us to grow up into their version of reality. Life isn’t a fairy tale, but then again, princess fairy tales aren’t all that exciting either, am I right? Life is an adventure. With emotions, with decisions, with a sense of danger around each corner. Where we play the ultimate lead role.

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, all with a specific role to play.” – William Shakespeare

Like every Hero’s tale we hear growing up, there’s a beginning, a struggle, and an ending that leads to another beginning. Without this struggle, we cannot grow, we cannot conquer, and we cannot know who we truly are when we limit ourselves to what we are truly capable of. Fear is what we create in the mind. The only one who can alter your true fate is you. No one will defeat your demons but yourself. Fear is not real. Dreams and wishing are for the lazy. True success comes to those who sacrifice and have their priorities in check. If it were easy to win…we’d all be on top. Go get yours. Or someone else will.

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