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November 26, 2013

The 16th Bar Petite Womenswear Launches its Petite Classics Collection.

Los Angeles, CA November 26, 2013 – The 16th Bar, the only Petite Womenswear Brand designing strictly for women 5’5 and shorter, releases its Classics Collection for Fall 2013, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

The 16th Bar Classics Collection released this week from their Los Angeles Headquarters. The collection, designed by petite designer Frankie Rodriguez, and First Place Winner of Fashion’s Night Out: Las Vegas’ Best New Designer, includes their popular Petite Trench Coat, now in Black and Nude, the Petite Leather Moto Jacket, their top selling piece, and introducing the Petite Little Black Dress.

The 16th Bar is the first high end label to focus strictly on the petite fit. With more than 40% of the world’s female population standing at 5’5 or shorter.

“The Classics Collection will be including our favorite and most popular pieces. Created from only the best fabrics, cut precisely for petites, to last you a lifetime,” says the 4’11 designer. The collection focuses on simple cuts emphasizing a slimmer, taller, and curvier silhouette using high quality wools, cotton gabardines, silks, and leather in the seasons most classic colors.

In anticipation of their Fall 2014 Ready To Wear Collection, The 16th Bar announced they are also preparing to debut the highly anticipated No.16 Petite Streetwear Label at the same time.

“No.16 Streetwear Label developed from the need of well tailored work wear for petite women in the 9-5 grind. Designed with the same petite tailoring standards as our Ready to Wear Collection, yet less expensive. I’m working to include pieces that could be mixed easily to create a lustrous wardrobe but truly stand out from the typical mundane looks that are sold to us daily by brands who present to us half a wall at the back of the store and label it the ‘petite’ section. You can’t call what they sell fashion. No one dreams about having those pieces, petites want luxury.” stated Frankie Rodriguez. She adds, “We’re really excited to take the next step and begin working with incredible boutiques to allow for petites to be able to try on our garments before they purchase them and be able to take them home right away. My first collection was really about getting our name out there and I wanted to provide some great everyday pieces. Now, for this next collection, I’m at a loss for words for how passionate I am about the pieces I’ve designed and the story behind each one. I think petites will really be able see who I really am, and I hope they are just as excited as I am.”

The 16th Bar Petite Womenswear, with over 150k online views, will be the first official brand designing strictly for petites to be carried in these carefully selected shops and boutiques who already have a growing demand of petite customers. The next question is, who will be the lucky store to carry this growing brand first?

About The 16th Bar
The 16th Bar is a Designer Petite Womenswear brand which recognizes key issues in fit for petite consumers. Based in Los Angeles, California, and under the direction of Creative Director and Designer Frankie Rodriguez. Using correct proportions of prints and creating illusions with stylelines to give a slimmer, taller silhouette, and infusing these important design features with high quality fabrics, fabric manipulation, and innovative designs, with selective distribution and an incredible story, The 16th Bar marks history’s first petite luxury brand. For more information visit

THE 16TH BAR- [thee siks-teenth bahr]-noun
1. In musical notation, a bar (or measure) is a segment of time defined by a given number of beats of a given duration. Within 16 bars, the rhythmic style of the piece is established. This introduction, in other words, provides you with a melody that allows you to establish your first impression of the song.
2. When you walk into any room, your outfit plays as your first impression.
Your outfit is The 16th Bar.

Contact Details
Frankie Rodriguez, Chief Designer
Kyle Chamberlain, Director of Advertising
The 16th Bar
Phone (323) 451-1616

The 16th Bar Classics Collection Press release

The 16th Bar Classics Collection Press release

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