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The 16th Bar Philosophy

Founded in 2012, The 16th Bar is the only luxury brand representing the average height men and women of society. Inspired by stories, life, film, and music. In our story, we dress men and women of thought sophistication, driven to make change, turn heads, and influence society to end corruption, bring awareness, and to bring truth to the world. In our story, we represent the rights of humankind. To give you power to better live and to better understand life. To awaken society with the truth.

“Our intent is not to change the opinions of anyone, but to influence the mindset of entire nations. We stand together to empower citizens to take control of their lives. To break the barriers of the perception of beauty, success, common man law, luck, corporate controlled media, discrimination, deception, racism, elite power, legal monopolies, corruption, and the power of lies. We are here to disrupt the status quo.”

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