The Moto Fit-The 16th BarThe 16th Bar

the moto fit leather The 16th Bar

The 16th Bar Moto Fit

Style and fit should never be a compromise. Introducing the new Moto Fit for Men and Women. Hand drafted patterns developed from scratch, designed and tested to fit women 5’5 and below, and men 5’8 and below. Each piece is designed to make you look taller and slimmer by focusing on proper proportions, giving you a tailored fit where you want it, and extra room where you need it. The Moto Fit, with our smart tailoring, allows for style, comfort, and drastically eliminating the need for alterations. By focusing on proportions when designing all aspects of each garment; including style lines, collars, lapels, pockets, fabric choices, and hardware details, we have dialed in The Moto Fit.